Blackpool's HWRC Heroes rescue car keys from the skip!

A Blackpool resident used the Household Waste Recycling Centre and unintentionally threw his car keys into a skip. In addition to being kind and efficient, the staff members went above and beyond to retrieve the keys.

Max Speakman of Blackpool visited the Household Waste Recycling Centre on January 29th. During the visit he unfortunately misplaced his car keys in the skip, while discarding the waste. When the visitor returned to his unlocked car and couldn’t find his keys he realised immediately – out of concern he went straight to an HWRC staff member for assistance. This occurred two minutes before the site was scheduled to close.

That day, every employee participated in the effort to find the missing keys. The team and the resident decided to call it a night after 30 minutes of nonstop searching in the rain. The Site Manager and Assistant Manager arranged for the unlocked vehicle to be left on site overnight, with security monitoring the vehicle until the keys could be found. In a panic, the resident returned home and began researching companies where he could purchase new car keys. He anticipated having to pay about £450.00 for replacements.

The following morning the Site Manager devised a strategy. He realised the most efficient way to look for the missing keys would be to arrange for the skip to be taken to the Layton Depot to be tipped out. The manager then contacted the resident to ask if he was happy with the plan – the resident was over the moon and was very pleased when the site manager said this would be done free of charge. The Assistant Manager and other HWRC staff members went to the Depot to sort through the waste, by 10:00am the keys had been found.

A great success and effort from all those involved.

The girlfriend of Max Speakman said:

“Honestly honestly honestly can’t thank all the workers enough – they went above and beyond and saved my grateful partner a lot of money. They didn’t have to do any of that and the fact that they did restored our faith in humanity”.