Winter Maintenance

Operation Snowdrop

Enveco deliver the winter gritting service on behalf of Blackpool Council ‘Highways Authority,’ known locally as Operation Snowdrop,” to provide a safer travelling environment for highway users and reduce traffic disruption. 



Gritting The Roads Of Blackpool!

The winter maintenance period runs from November until March each year, with an operational team able to respond and deliver services 24/7, under the direction of the Winter Service Duty Manager. 

The Duty Manager monitors weather conditions, including detailed road sensor information, from the Met Office and local weather stations and deploys our gritting fleet if the forecast predicts ice or snow conditions. 

Rock salt (Grit) is used to treat the highway network as it lowers the freezing point of moisture on the road surface, stopping ice from forming and causing existing ice or snow to melt.

For grit to work most effectively it needs traffic to crush and spread it across the road. When it snows heavily at night, though a road is gritted the snow will often still settle. Unfortunately, that means for the first few drivers it may be slippery so extra care is required during quieter traffic periods. 

Gritting Areas

We are not able to grit all roads in Blackpool, so the service is prioritised based on primary routes and secondary routes. 

  • Primary route roads are treated within 4 hours of being notified of potentially hazardous conditions
  • Secondary route roads are treated during particularly severe or hazardous conditions, at the discretion of the Winter Service Duty Manager 

The main treatment includes commuter routes, linking north, south, east, and west of the Borough boundary, capturing bus routes, secondary shopping centres, town centre and pedestrian shopping precincts.  

Gritting Routes 

Requesting Roads And Pavement Gritting

Unfortunately, there is not enough salt to spread on every road and pavement in Blackpool. We try to ensure that access is maintained to key transport routes and vital services such as doctors and schools. 

Local Grit Bins

Did you know there are several grit bins located around the town which are filled on a regular basis to enable people to grit roads and pavements. 

The government has produced a “Snow Code” advising householders and businesses how they can help by clearing ice and snow from pavements themselves. 

Local grit bin locations

For more information on gritting follow Enveco on Facebook or on Twitter and search for #bplgrit to keep track of when we are out.