About Keep Blackpool Tidy

The Keep Blackpool Tidy campaign has been expanded with a full street scene focus.

Blackpool Council launched the Keep Blackpool Tidy initiative in 2016 in collaboration with Keep Britain Tidy. Since we are Blackpool Council’s wholly-owned environmental service provider, we have adopted the Keep Blackpool Tidy campaign. The Blackpool Council achieved great results with the litter campaign. But now, with their support, we have now expanded the campaign with a full street scene focus, and to build a sense of civic pride by encouraging residents to take the Keep Blackpool Tidy Pledge, continue to provide more opportunities for volunteers to get involved in keeping the town clean and tidy, and make people aware of the fines that can be issued if an environmental offence is committed.

We have a dedicated team that takes pride in keeping the town clean and tidy and is lucky to have a committed and valued volunteering community. This adds extra resources that enhance normal operational services.

There are so many supportive residents and businesses already working with us, by picking litter up, reporting street offenses such as graffitiing, littering, fly-tipping, reducing their waste, and recycling. But now… we are determined to expand the mission to all.

The official date of the campaign launch is the start of February and a variation of advertising around the town to start the campaign off, such as:

  • Eye-catching posters in street bins/Blackpool tram stops.
  • Radio placements on the Greatest Hits and Fylde Coast Radio.
  • An animation video on the Blackpool Transport bus TV screens, and Active Blackpool Gym TV screens.
  • Engagement at local community events.

Our 2024 aspirations is for more people to #Getinvolved.

Mix of images of clean alley ways, blue beach bin, litter pickers. on a white background.

The overall goals are:

  • Reduce fly-tipping, dog fouling, graffiti, and litter dropped in our town.
  • Bringing communities and businesses together working to establish strong trusting links.
  • See an increase in Blackpool’s recycling rate.
  • See an overall improvement in the cleanliness of the town.
  • Grow a sense of civic pride within the town.

What do we mean in civic pride? The definition to civic pride according to the Cambridge Dictionary is “Civic pride is a feeling of belonging to and being proud of the town or city where you live “.


Take the Pledge

Sign up and take the Keep Blackpool Tidy Pledge today:

I pledge to keep Blackpool tidy by committing to do one or more of the below actions:

Note: To sign up for each level, you will be required to upload evidence of participation. For example, if you are signing up for the bronze level, please upload an image disposing of litter correctly, or bringing your bin back to your property, etc.


Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 3 files.
Please submit your evidence photo here:

Sign up to become a Keep Blackpool Tidy Volunteer

To organise a corporate event, please email enquires@enveconw.co.uk