Social Media And Comment Moderation Policy

Enveco NW Environmental Services | Social Media And Comment Moderation Policy 

Version 1: Last modified 17th April 2023.


2.Moderation guidelines 

3.Our social media platforms 


5.Retweets (RT) and shares 


7.Replies and direct messages 

8.Handling your queries 

9.Complaints, media requests, and freedom of information requests 


This social media and comment moderation policy is created for all of Enveco’s social media channels, examples being; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube. Please keep this policy in mind when submitting comments. When opinions are sought, all comments will be considered before the response is published. 

2.Moderation guidelines 

We encourage and welcome open, lively debate, but we reserve the right not to publish comments received and to remove comments through our social media channels or website. Third-party opinions are solely their own and are not necessarily endorsed by Enveco NW Environmental Services. The option to comment may be closed at any time at our discretion. 

The feedback we receive is not moderated. Pre-moderation refers to the fact that comments will appear in real-time rather than immediately. 

Most comments are reviewed by moderators, who will monitor the platforms during normal business hours (09.00AM – 4.00PM GMT, Monday to Thursday, and 09.00AM – 3.00PM GMT on Fridays) and strive to resolve any issues as soon as possible. 

We are not attempting to silence your opinions. We value open communication. The goal is for comments to be relevant to the current topic. Moderation will not be used to suppress legitimate, reasoned debate. 

Inappropriate comments such as any of the below will be removed. If we remove a comment for a reason listed below we will try to reply to the commenter explaining our reason.  

  • Repeated negative information intended to provoke a reaction or not contribute constructively to the conversation. 
  • Inciting hatred based on race, religion, gender, national origin or sexual orientation or any other personal characteristic. 
  • Harmful or offensive information that may constitute a personal attack on the personality of anyone, including others using our social media channels and our employees. 
  • A large number of oversized messages that may be considered spam. 
  • Sharing personal information such as a home address, phone number, email address, or other online contact information. 
  • Comments which impersonate a person or organisation. 
  • Any language that expresses hate, obscenity, or swear words. 
  • Use of our platforms for commercial advertising. 

3.Our social media platforms:  

We use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube as tools in an effort to communicate clearly, quickly, and interactively with those who use our services and are interested in what we do. 


We use social media to publish a variety of content about our services. This includes: 

  • Showcasing the services, we offer. 
  • Sharing web links to Enveco and the Blackpool Council website. 
  • links to Enveco news, blog posts, videos, guidance and other approved publicly available Enveco and Blackpool council environmental material. 
  • Targeted paid Environmental social media campaigns. 
  • Sharing national and international environmental campaigns from 3rd party companies which are relevant to our industry. 

5.Retweets (RT) and shares 

The content we retweet (RT) or share on social media does not imply endorsement.  


Our decision to follow accounts does not imply endorsement. We follow accounts on all social channels we believe are relevant to our work. This could include following the Twitter accounts of companies and other commercial enterprises, or their employees, who comment on environmental-related issues. 

7.Replies and direct messages 

We will read all comments on our social platforms and try to respond as soon as we can. 

 8.Handling your queries 

To respond to your request, we may ask for personal data. You must be aware that any information or evidence you provide to us via direct messages may be used by your social media provider in accordance with their privacy policies and terms of service. 

9.Complaints, media requests, and freedom of information requests 

Your views are important to us 

You may have a compliment, or complaint or would like to make a comment about Enveco or other Council services. Enveco always aims to provide a high standard of service and we welcome feedback about the services we offer, what we do well, and how we can be more effective in sorting out problems. 


The Council will aim to provide a response to the complainant within 10 working days either via telephone, email, a letter, or a face-to-face meeting. 

If the complaint is going to take longer than this to complete, the complainant will be informed of an anticipated date for response. 

Comments and compliments 

We will pass comments and compliments on to the relevant service within 3 working days of receipt and we will consider feedback in an open-minded and impartial way and we will use it to help improve our services. 

Customer feedback, including complaints, can be made by any method of contact: 

  • Via the online contact us form:  
  • By emailing:  
  • By calling: 01253 477477 
  • By completing a feedback form: Available at Council reception points 
  • In person: At a Council building or office 
  • By writing directly to: Blackpool Waste Services, Layton Depot, Plymouth Road, Blackpool, FY3 7HW 

Media requests 

All media inquiries and requests for interviews, filming, and photography should be directed to the Enveco Marketing Department. 

  • Email:  
  • Telephone: 07407815330 
  • Open during office hours: Monday to Friday 09.00AM to 04.00PM GMT 

If you are unsure which council service you should contact regarding your media inquiry, please visit our Press office contact page, where you can find details for Blackpool Council’s press team.  

Freedom of Information (FOI) requests 

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) gives you the right to ask us for information we hold. 

The intention of FOIA is to promote openness and accountability, and help create a better understanding of how we work, make decisions, and spend public money. 

All requests must be in writing (letter, email, form, or fax) and must include: 

  • Your name (not a pseudonym) 
  • A correspondence address 
  • A clear description of the information you are requesting including any specific date ranges 

You can make a request through the following options:  

Your details will be shared with those involved in answering your request or dealing with any later complaint, but we will not make these details public. 

We will keep your request for 12 months to allow for any appeal or complaint.