Blackpool’s Household Waste Recycling Centre

Welcoming Approximately 200,000 Residents Each Year

We manage 8,000 tons of waste and have on average a 78% recycling rate.

We encourage residents to separate as much of their waste as possible before visiting to maximise recycling.  

We have over 100 trees around the HWRC (Household Waste Recycling Centre) site, all of which are covered by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO). They provide natural noise and dust suppression as well as improving the visual aesthetics of the site and its surroundings. 

We are open to Blackpool Council Tax paying residents only. The facility cannot be used for disposing of commercial, business or landlord waste. 

Recycling Centre Information

Opening Times:
  • Monday to Sunday (Weekends cars only)
    10.00am to 4.00pm
Call us:
01253 476317

Map to the Household Waste Recyling Centre

Bristol Avenue

Before You Arrive

Sorting your waste before you arrive will make it easier to unload and get items into the relevant bays in a timely manner.

This is much appreciated by our team who are dedicated to increasing the HWRC (Household Waste Recycling Centre) recycling waste rate. 

Anyone bringing mixed general rubbish in bags should sort their bags on site to ensure recyclables are removed and placed in the correct containers. This will help increase our recycling rate. 

DIY Waste
DIY Waste FAQ’s
Waste accepted
Waste not accepted
Site Restrictions
Waste restrictions
Private waste contractors and Permit schemes

DIY Waste

Residents in Blackpool will be able to dispose of small amounts of DIY waste for free at our Household Waste Recycling Centre from 31 December 2023.

The changes have been brought in by central government and will make it easier for people to freely dispose of small amounts of waste created at home from DIY.

The changes to the Policy allows the Household Waste Recycling Centre to accept two 50 litre sacks, or one bulky item in a single visit with no more than four visits in a four week period.

  • No single item should be more than 200cmx75cmx70cm


DIY Waste FAQ’s

Can I bring in more than the DIY waste allowance?

  • No, but there is a review due on this, which will result a subject to a charge for any waste over the allocation

Does the free DIY waste allowance include asbestos?

Can I bring in large amount of DIY waste for free in fewer visits?

  • No, staff need to be able to apply the free disposal allowance correctly to all residents

Waste accepted

We accept the below waste from domestic properties in Blackpool only.

  • Plasterboard – limits apply
  • Rubble – limits apply
  • Soil – limits apply
  • Mattresses
  • Garden waste
  • Paper and cardboard
  • PVCu
  • Plastics
  • General waste
  • Wood
  • Scrap metal
  • TV’s and monitors
  • Large domestic appliances e.g. washing machines and dryers
  • Small domestic appliances e.g. toasters, microwaves, hairdryers etc.
  • Domestic fridges and freezers
  • Engine oil
  • Vegetable oil
  • Tetra pack
  • Clothing
  • Car Batteries – from your own private use vehicle
  • Household batteries
  • Printer cartridges
  • Gas cylinders – size limits apply
  • Asbestos – limits apply
  • Glass
  • Domestic Seating
  • Florescent tubes
  • Carpets
  • Paint

Waste not accepted

  • Commercial waste
  • Car parts and tyres
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Gas bottles over 15kg
  • Oxygen, air, scuba, and brewery cylinders
  • Petrol, diesel, and paraffin
  • Unknown chemicals
  • Solvents
  • Sharps / syringes etc.
  • Clinical waste

Site Restrictions

  • Some materials are subject to restrictions for disposal: please see what we do and don’t accept
  • No sign written vehicles will be allowed on site
  • No box vans or Luton style vans are permitted on site
  • No flat-bed or tipper vehicles are permitted on site
  • Vans and trailers are not permitted during weekends
  • Open to Blackpool residents only. Please bring proof of address with you to ensure you are not turned away. If you pay your Council Tax to Fylde or Wyre, please use the HWRC site on either Saltcotes Road, Lytham – FY8 4LS or the HWRC site on Jameson Road, Fleetwood – FY7 8TW
  • Commercial waste is not allowed. Businesses have a duty of care and must have a registered waste carrier disposing of their waste at a registered waste disposal facility
  • Vans, pickups, and cars towing trailers must purchase a permit and other vehicles will not be allowed on site. Please check the permit scheme list before visiting
  • Some materials are subject to a permit for disposal: see what we do and don’t accept below
  • Vans, pickups, and cars towing trailers must attend the site no later than 30 minutes before the site closes
  • Vans, pickups, and cars towing trailers are not permitted at weekends.
  • Vans and pickups will not be permitted with a trailer

Waste restrictions

Hardcore and rubble

Building materials from the repair or improvement of your house are classified as DIY construction waste. DIY construction waste is subject to specific regulations. A resident is able to dispose of 2x 50L sacks or 1 item per week, on four occasions over a four week period for information, see our DIY Waste section.

Gas bottles

We will accept standard liquid petroleum type gas bottles commonly used in a domestic property and the largest accepted bottles are 15 kg. Balloon gas bottles are also accepted. Gas bottles will need to be handled by site staff to ensure safe disposal. We will be unable to accept any other type of gas bottle.

Oxygen, air, SCUBA and brewery cylinders

Oxygen, air, SCUBA and brewery cylinders are not classed as household waste and will not be accepted. Please contact your manufacturer or supplier for disposal.


Householders are encouraged to dispose of all types of asbestos through a licensed contractor. However, small quantities of cement bonded asbestos from your own household maintenance can be accepted providing you follow the step-by-step guide:

Read the Managing Asbestos guide.

  • Visit the HWRC office with a council tax or utility bill during opening hours
  • You will be issued up to 3 bags and given a receipt letter
  • Place the asbestos sheets carefully inside the red bag and tape it completely shut
  • Then place the secured red bag into the clear bag and tape it completely shut
  • Bring the sealed bags back during opening hours
  • You must notify a member of staff on site once you arrive with your asbestos
  • You must provide your receipt letter to deposit the asbestos
  • Bags must be securely sealed with no rips or holes
  • If the asbestos is not securely sealed, you will not be permitted to deposit the asbestos

Fire extinguishers

We only accept extinguishers if the manufacturer will not take them back.

Please attempt to contact the manufacturer before bringing fire extinguishers to the HWRC. Only extinguishers from a household source will be accepted.

Motor vehicle parts and tyres

We do not accept any motor vehicle parts or tyres as these are not included on our Environmental Permit. We recommend that you contact a local car salvage yard for the disposal of these materials.

Petrol, diesel, and paraffin

Petrol, diesel, and paraffin are classed as hazardous waste and are not accepted.

The HWRC management and staff reserve the right to refuse any waste material brought onto the site if it falls outside of permitted wastes or is not deemed as household waste.

Private waste contractors and Permit schemes

Private waste contractors

If you choose to use a private waste collector to remove any rubbish, you have a legal duty to check that the person or business is a registered waste carrier. You must only give your waste to a registered waste carrier, and you must get a written receipt which contains their details and the details of the waste they have removed. 

If you do not check, you could be fined if your rubbish is found to be illegally dumped.  

To check whether a person or business is a registered waste carrier, find further information about vehicle registration online.

Permit schemes

Hired van and trailer permits are available for the use of hired or borrowed vans. Restrictions apply. Note: a van or trailer can have x2 50L or one large deposit per visit. 

Annual permits allow you one visit per month for 12 months and will be subject to an administration charge of £13.50. 

You should apply for your permit at least 5 working days before your planned visit. 

View the full terms and conditions for permits.

Find out more and apply for a permit!