Waste Management And Education

Helping To Manage Blackpool’s Waste!

As part of Blackpool Council’s commitment to waste management, every household in the town has access to a grey-lidded bin, a blue-lidded bin, a brown sack, a red sack, or a seagullproof sack depending on your location.  

Help collections run smoothly by:   

  • Presenting wheeled bins by 7.00am on your collection day   
  • Presenting red sacks by 7.00am on your collection day  
  • Place all waste inside it’s designated bin with the lid closed  
  • Label your bins with your address  

What Is Collected?

We can collect recyclable and general waste, green waste, and textiles. Together with our local community, we can all work towards reducing the number of recyclable items entering our landfills and preserving the environment for future generations. 

To learn more take a look at our guide to find out what goes in each bin / sack.

Faded recycling logo.


Households with wheeled bins have a waste collection every week – one week for recycling and the following week for general household waste. 

Households with red sacks or seagull proof sacks have a weekly collection of general waste, recycling can be taken to your local recycling point or the HWRC (Household Waste Recycling Centre). 

By adhering to this schedule, we are helping our residents become more aware of their environmental footprint.  

To learn more about bin collection days take a look on the Blackpool Councils website.

The Waste Journey

Have you ever wondered what happens to your waste?

Take a look at the waste journey below with some interesting key statistics.

House bins graphics Recycling
Graphic of bins outside a house
Bin graphic General Waste
EnVeco truck graphic
EnVeco truck outside a depot Recycling Hall
Green recycle truck graphic
EnVeco truck outside of a depot General Waste Hall
Animated white Enveco domestic's bin wagon side view with logo.
Green recycle truck outside of a factory Transported to waste treatment facilities
Soil Improver
Paper Mill
Recycling of plastic bottles, glass, tins & cans
Land fill pile of waste Landfill
56,135 Recycling Collections 72,000 Household Collections
13% Composted 42% Recycling Rate 2021/2022 17% Landfilled

The 3 R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The 3 R’s- are the three cornerstones of a sustainable society. By reducing our consumption, reusing items whenever possible, and recycling responsibly, we can all make a positive impact on the environment.  

We place great emphasis on these 3 R’s and invite everyone to do their part in reducing waste and promoting sustainability. We have created some helpful tips to help you start your Reduce, Reuse, Recycle journey. 


There are several ways to reduce waste, such as meal planning and pre-cooking can help cut costs and waste, but it all depends on your situation and what works for you.  

Here are our top 3 simple suggestions for cutting waste: 

1. Use a reusable bottle/cup for drinks on-the-go 

When leaving your home, fill your bottle up with your favorite drink, to curb the need to purchase a drink on the go.  

2. Take your own bags shopping 

Try to create the habit of taking your own bags shopping. Useful tip: Write, take shopping bags on the top of your shopping list as a reminder and this will stop the need from purchasing any while you are out. Your kitchen sink cupboard will thank you for it.  

3. Switch to paperless billing 

If this is an option, let’s lessen the volume of mail piling up at the front door. Spend a night making the switch to electronic billing. 

waste is not waste until you waste it quote


Did you know, buying secondhand items and donating used goods have major benefits for the environment?

By purchasing pre-loved items and donating your own, you can save money, help reduce unnecessary packaging waste, support local businesses, and find unique items. In addition to that, donating used goods helps your community in many ways: it allows a new lease of life to the item being donated and helps create a more sustainable future.  

We are committed to promoting sustainability and invite everyone to consider reusing items whenever possible. Consider visiting our Re-use Shop at Bristol Avenue to donate items you no longer need or shop for secondhand goods – it could be an exciting experience! 

Save our planet and recycle text on white background with recyclable items


Taking that little bit of extra time to separate waste is helping our planet more than we will ever know!

If none of our waste is recycled, then it will go directly into landfill. As waste breaks down in landfills, a poisonous gas called methane is released. This toxic gas, which is one of the main contributors to global warming and climate change, has been discovered to be over 25 times more dangerous than carbon dioxide.  

We can all help to ensure that our generation and future generations can continue to live and prosper on this wonderful planet by increasing our collective awareness of what can and cannot be recycled and by sorting our waste correctly.