Street Cleansing

Dedicated To Keep Blackpool Tidy!

Our Street Cleansing Service operates 365 days a year, from 6am to 6pm emptying over 1000 street litter bins, removing around 5,000 fly tips and cleaning 6 miles of beach and the seafront.  

The team also takes on other duties such as weed spraying, graffiti removal, removal of flyposting, recovery of dead animals, cleanups after road traffic collisions, and highway gritting functions during the winter period. All with the same vision to: “Keep Blackpool Tidy”.


Enveco sweeper machine cleaning Blackpool path tiles.

Street Cleansing And NEAT Team

Our street cleansing and NEAT (Neighborhood Environmental Action Team) teams cover all of Blackpool wards, to achieve clean and well-presented streets.

They do this by:   

  • Regular inspections of every residential street in Blackpool and sweeping of the town centre streets daily
  • We have a dedicated team of staff who empty our litter bins throughout the day
  • An action team who clean up after large-scale events and work with the community to take pride in our town
  • Work to ensure our streets remain clean and litter free and we can issue fines or prosecute those who fly-tip or leave behind litter


Blackpool Council Street Bin Closeup

How Can You Help?

We have a joint responsibility with Blackpool Council, as well as everyone in our community to ensure that our town is something we can all be proud of.

How can you help?  

  • Use the general waste and recycling bins  
  • Wrap chewing gum in its original wrapper and put it in the litter bin  
  • Not throwing your cigarette butts on the ground. Use an ashtray or litter bin  
  • Clearing up after your dog or any other animal when it fouls on the street, road, grass verges, or park area  
  • Get involved with Keep Blackpool Tidy and join one of our regular litter picks  

Report It!

Despite our best efforts, there are times when problems arise, and you are welcome to tell us about them.  

You can report: 

  • An untidy/littered street 
  • Graffiti on public land 
  • A syringe 
  • Overflowing litter bin 
  • A dead animal 
  • Request overgrown weeds to be sprayed  

Make a report

You can also report Fly-tipping, Dog Fouling and Waste on a private land on the Blackpool Council pages.

After you make a report

Once you report an issue it will be investigated.

If it is on land that the Blackpool Council control then it will be arranged to be cleared. Priority will be given to syringes, dead animals and offensive graffiti.

Blackpool Beach - Blackpool is a large seaside resort in the county of Lancashire on the northwest coast of England.

Beach Cleaning

Keeping Blackpool’s main beach area clean is a priority of our street cleansing service. This area stretches between North Pier and South Pier and receives daily cleaning from May to October. Outside of this period, daily inspections take place, and any large tidal debris is removed when necessary. 

Enveco team meber on a blackpool road, driving a weed spaying machine.

Weed Spraying

Our weed spraying treatments typically start at the beginning of April and continue until the end of September. We treat a total of 2,000 streets, adopted carriageways (where there is flagged pavement), all highways, footpaths, cut throughs and adopted alleyways. This is completed ward by ward and each course of treatment lasts approximately 8-12 weeks.