Our Community And Partners

Enveco’s Waste Advocacy!

Engaging with our community and partners ensures we are moving in the direction of our vision and objective.

Which is “to provide our communities with a high-quality, responsive and reliable waste environmental service”.

To provide this great service, we need to share our knowledge through education, creating partnerships and delivering roadshows.

We have a wonderful team for this, known as our engagement team. They represent Blackpool’s environmental and waste advocacy – educating residents, schools, and community groups, establishing partnerships and building a vast network of connections. All this within Blackpool and to wider external corporate companies, such as Barclays Bank, BT, and Coca Cola.

Reaching Out To The Next Generation

Our team visit local schools to deliver activities and fun learning to the younger Blackpool residents based around recycling, reusing and litter reduction.

Working in partnership with our vehicle provider we utilise the adapted refuse vehicle to deliver classroom style educational programmes.

On top of this our team even teach the young how to be green fingered with planting sessions. A much-loved favourite and is always well received.

This is part of our social commitment and these sessions delivered are free of charge to groups and Schools in Blackpool.

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Events And Key Partners

Our engagement team have been busy creating some great partnerships with local companies and communities such as:  

Local Housing companies, youth groups and working with Blackpool Coastal Housing (BCH) Sparks community. Where good recycling practices are discussed along with any barriers to residents being unable to ‘do the right’ thing. Housing Companies welcome advice from our Waste Education Officers.

Working with the Local Faith Community, by joining in their mission week activity. Supporting in their mission to “love where you live” , assisting with clearing areas, providing the group and residents the required equipment to do so.

Something to shout out about is how fortunate we are to have a powerful base of dedicated individual and group litter pickers. To date, Blackpool benefited from 3,798 volunteer hours. Contribution from these hours came from individuals, community groups and parks friend’s groups.

We linked with the Pride community with one of our vehicles taking part in the vehicle parade, and hosted a stall within their youth pride area to deliver waste advise and education.

Through the Keep Blackpool Tidy initiative our engagement team support volunteers to Love my Beach. These groups meet regularly at North and South Shore, to litter pick the beach and foot walks. In one hour, session, a group collected 52kg of litter collectively – a tremendous success to say the least.

Social Value

Adding to our social value commitment in our contract, support will be given to our community groups and volunteers providing equipment, materials and labour, where appropriate.

“Our volunteers work hard bringing not only support and interest to some vulnerable members of our community, but they add ’sparkle’ to our Borough with an attention to detail that needs more time than our standard operations can allow.”