Bin It

Reduce street litter: 

We are working with Blackpool Council, local Residents and Businesses along with visitors to reduce the amount of litter dropped in Blackpool. We ask everyone who is walking through the streets in Blackpool to use street litter bins to deposit rubbish. There are over 1,000 street litter bins in various locations across the borough, and all the bins can be used to dispose of dog foul.

Our NEAT (Neighborhood Environmental Action Team) officers, delivering front-line operations are trained and permitted to investigate, challenge, and enforce on-the-spot fixed penalty notices which includes litter relating environmental offenses such as:

Fines for littering:

  • If someone is seen dropping litter and walking away they will be issued a fixed penalty notice of £150. This includes all types of waste including cigarettes, vapes, and chewing gum.

Fines for Dog fouling:

  • If a dog owner lets their dogs foul and does not pick it up or doesn’t have the means to do so then Blackpool Council’s dog wardens and our staff can issue an on-the-spot fixed penalty of £100.

So, please work with us to reduce the amount of litter dropped on our streets.

Why not #Getinvolved in litter picking?  

Join our group of valued volunteers and become a litter hero, click this link to order a litter pack today.

Increase Blackpool’s recycling rate!

It all starts at home, we know it can be a big task understanding what goes in each bin, but to help you become a recycling hero we have created this helpful guide. Click this link to learn more now.

#Getinvolved and Take the Pledge today!

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