Young Blackpool resident meets with her favourite bin operatives

Blackpool’s two-year-old, Freya beams when her favourite bin operatives empty her bins.

It all started in October 2022 when Freya, who was only 18 months old at the time, saw Enveco’s domestic bin wagon outside her home. She waved to the bin operatives and enjoyed the lights of the wagon. Ever since their first meeting, Freya waits happily for her bin day to arrive, so she can wave to Dave Hindle, Gary Machell, and Geoff Kam, Enveco’s domestic bin operatives as they empty her bins.

Since Freya found joy from this experience her family and the Enveco team orgainsed a special day where the bin operatives visited her. She had the opportunity to sit in the wagon with her parents and learn everything there was to know about what goes inside.

It’s encouraging to see a young resident take delight in the work that domestic bin operatives do, as it’s a crucial and significant aspect of Keeping Blackpool Tidy.

Freya’s parents support her good attitude by making sure she has toys relating to waste, such as a waste truck of her own and a children’s book explaining what goes in the bins.

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