End-of-Year and Winter Updates

The Enveco team has had a very busy, but productive year.

We would like to end the year with a few key achievements such as, the launch of our website and social media accounts, co-hosting Blackpool in Bloom 2023, winning North West in Bloom, Best City, and Silver Gilt awards, receiving a grant from the Keep Britain Tidy, Chewing Gum task force to address the chewing gum problem in Blackpool, incorporating three new electric Tricycles to assist the Town Centre Street cleaning crew, and having a network of 157 volunteers from various litter-picking groups with a total of 3,798 hours recorded since 2022.

We want to thank all our Team, Volunteers, Partners and Suppliers for all their hard work and we look forward to more successes in 2024.

For waste related Christmas changes, see below!

Winter Changes

The Household Waste Recycling Centre and the Re-use Shop will be closed Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day. The site will reopen on the 27th of December and then close on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

Green Waste
Bin collections will be having the usual winter break between the 27th of November 2023 to the 19th of January 2024.

Other Waste Services
The Rover and Bulky Matters collection service will finish operations on Friday 22nd of December 2023 and commence again on Tuesday 2nd of January 2024.

Christmas Tree Collection
Like previous years, the Trinity Hospice Charity will be collecting used Christmas Trees. If you would like your tree collected (for a small donation), please click here for details.

Waste Collection Changes 

To check your current waste collection day click here.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from us all at Enveco.

Project Bags to Bins!

Enveco is committed to mitigating the use of red sacks where possible with project Bags to Bins!

Enveco NW environmental services’ key objectives are to deliver innovative approaches to reduce waste, support reuse, and increase the town’s recycling rate. Along with being a trusted local employer that contributes to the local economy, cares for the local environment, and delivers on climate change improvements whilst working towards keeping Blackpool tidy for residents, businesses, and visitors to enjoy.

One of the numerous projects Enveco implements is the process of providing households with bins when they previously used sacks – this is known as project Bags to Bins.

The bags-to-bins process is where Enveco’s Environment Educational Officer reviews reported areas within the town to understand why these residents don’t have access to a bin.  There are a variety of reasons why this occurs. For example, households may not have been issued private wheeled bins or communal euro bins; there may not be a suitable space for the bins to be stored or presented, such as no boundary space outside the property; or the alleyway may be unsuitable for the wagons to drive near.

Following the area review, if the Environment Educational Officer believes bins will be suitable for the residences, a second assessment is performed with the Domestic Waste Supervisor, who looks at collection logistics.

If it is in the best interest of properties to make the switch from Bags to Bins in that specific area, a letter will be sent to the property giving at least two weeks’ notice of when the bins will be delivered; normal bag collections will continue until the bins are delivered, as stated on the letter; bins are normally delivered within the same week as the new waste collection. The grey-lidded bin is always the first to be collected. The delivery will include a grey and blue bin, and recycling sack, as well as literature informing residents of collection days and other important information. If a property of multiple occupancy is receiving a euro bin the letter will include a map of where the bin is kept.

The goal of this approach is to encourage residents to recycle, reduce waste on the streets caused by torn bags, and improve the overall aesthetic appeal of the town.

Enveco successfully transferred 590 properties from Bags to Bins from June 2022 to July 2023. The benefit seen is that streets are cleaner, and residents are more positive as a result of having the ability to recycle, which encourages civic pride within the Town.

There are occasions after investigation, it is determined that bins would not be suitable for residents for reasons such as insufficient storage space for wheeled bins, the presentation ground being unsuitable for the bins to be wheeled across, resulting in damaged ground and wheels, or the presentation area being unsuitable for wagons to collect, due to tight road size, etc.

If properties are not suitable for wheeled bins, Seagull-proof sacks are an alternate approach to keep wildlife from tearing sacks open. These large black sacks hold three red sacks, fasten with Velcro, and allow households to put out these bags the night before collection with the peace of knowledge that their waste would be safe until the next day’s collection.

If you would like Enveco to consider your area for wheeled bins, bags, or Seagull-proof sacks, simply email: recycling@enveconw.co.uk.

Blackpool launches fleet of Jorvik Tricycles

Providing alternative transport for street cleansing services!

Europe’s leading tricycle manufacturer, Jorvik Tricycles has partnered with Enveco NW Environmental Services, to provide them with a range of tricycles to improve its street cleansing services within the premier seaside resort.

The project will see Enveco’s street cleansing operatives navigate its coastline, shopping centre, and high footfall areas via tricycle, in a bid to improve response time and productivity whilst keeping larger vehicles available for other jobs.

Enveco received three tricycles with fitted trailers earlier this year and staff use the new transport to complete tasks such as general street cleaning, litter picking, street sweeping, and litter bin washing.

Jez Evans, Operations Director at Enveco, said: “We were exploring an alternative mode of transport to improve our service to Blackpool residents, visitors, and businesses, along with improving the overall aesthetic appearance of street cleansing operations”.

“For staff who do not have a driver’s license or where activities would have required a small van to carry out ordinary daily tasks, these tricycles provide a more flexible and versatile option than the traditional operative and barrow. Operating on the coastline footpaths enables immediate response to incidents, such as broken glass, which can be addressed by a non-vehicle driver. This range and flexibility eliminate the need for small vehicle alternatives for the day-to-day tasks required to maintain excellent cleaning standards.”

“We’ve also seen a boost in employee morale, particularly the manual sweeper operatives who now feel empowered to maintain their patch more efficiently without the restriction of how far they can walk in a shift. Using their own knowledge and experience will allow them to travel to litter hotspots more frequently throughout the working day.”

Three Enveco street cleansing staff, standing outside the Blackpool Tower, standing on the comedy carpet. Stood behind a street cleansing tricycle,

The tricycles benefit the environment with lower emissions and align with Blackpool Council’s Climate Strategy to find innovative alternatives to reduce carbon footprint. Since the new initiative began in May, Enveco is scoping other areas of waste management that tricycles could have a positive impact in, potentially looking to roll out the initiative across other ground maintenance operations.

James Walker, owner and MD of Jorvik Tricycles, added: “It’s a privilege to work with Jez and his team to support Blackpool Council. We’re dedicated to helping businesses become more aware of the positive impact investing in alternative transport options has, and ultimately how we can work together to meet their objectives.

“Tricycles are accessible, easy to use and can carry luggage – the perfect solution for businesses looking to roll them out as an option for staff.”

Article Issued on behalf of Jorvik Tricycles by Lucky North. 

Enveco Named Finalist for the LBEA2023 Circular Economy Award!

The Lancashire Business Environment Awards 2023 is delivered by Chamber Low Carbon, in partnership with East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce, BOOST, North & Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce, and Business Wise Solutions.

These awards are designed to recognise and reward those Businesses that are working towards a greener, sustainable, and prosperous future.

Enveco has been recognised for their continued efforts at their Household Waste Recycling Centre which has a positive impact on the Circular Economy. They have managed the HWRC on Bristol Avenue for the past two years. Since the takeover, several overall achievements have been established and they aim for many more in the future.

They believe that fit-for-purpose items should be diverted away from waste streams and used in communities to help as many people as possible. Therefore, they have developed the following initiatives which they are extremely proud of:

The return of fit for purpose medical equipment to communities: 

Medical equipment sent to the HWRC is checked by the team, placed in a designated storage container, and picked up weekly by contractors. The contractor examines the equipment, and anything fit for purpose is checked/refurbished and returned back into the community through partners. Unfit items are properly disposed of, and metals/plastics are separated and placed in the correct waste streams. In the period between January 2022 to January 2023, they returned 483 medical aids back into the community.

Inexpensive paint for sale:

All paint/stain which has been sent for disposal to the HWRC, is checked and any tins half full or more are sold through The Re-Use shop for only £1 per tin. The ability to obtain this paint, does not only benefit the circular economy but with this price, it benefits the community as well.

Vouchers for The Re-Use Shop:

The HWRC has created a gift voucher scheme which was developed for items from The Re-Use Shop for the purpose of purchase and to be given as prizes at local community events.

Recycling of UPVC windows:

UPVC window frames have previously been treated as general waste and disposed of as such, which increased landfill.

Market research was carried out, and local off-takers were contacted. They confirmed they would accept the UPVC window frames. Which results in a reduction of the waste sent to landfill and generates an income at the same time.

Managing these UPVC window frames in this manner contributes to recycling statistics which reduces landfill quantities, and makes big savings.

Three Enveco Staff at the Lancashire Business Environmental Award Ceremony.

Enveco’s Environmental Enforcement/Operations Compliance Manager, Performance and Quality Manager and Marketing and Communications Officer all attended the award ceremony. Which was held at the Crow Wood Hotel in Burnley. It is wonderful to see Enveco’s efforts recognised in the field, and they appreciate Lancashire Business Environmental awards for the honor.

Blackpool’s Pavement and Carriageway Weed Treatment!

Enveco are contracted by Blackpool Council to deliver a street cleansing service, including the management of weeds, across the town.

Enveco deal with weeds on council land (public realm) which covers; roads, footpaths and parks and open spaces. The primary aim is to prevent problem weeds that compromise drainage systems, cause damage to highway and footpath surfaces, damage/interfere with structures, e.g., walls, or reduce visibility of signage and ensure weeds do not pose a health and safety risk for users of roads and footpaths. Weeds left untreated can cause slip/trip hazards and may cause obstructions on footpaths forcing people to avoid and potentially move onto roads.

An integrated weed management plan is adopted that, combined with street cleansing activities, ensures a year-round approach is taken and does not just focus on killing of weeds through chemical treatment. The frequency has been increased of mechanical sweeping on highways to ensure road gulley’s/kerb edges are kept clear of detritus to reduce opportunities for weed growth. All residential areas have both street and footpath mechanical sweeping scheduled throughout the year, again this reduces the buildup of detritus which can create seed beds for new weed growth, and regular sweeping clears buildup of dead weeds.

Monthly street inspection surveys identify problem areas, in particular growth of mares tail which is resistant to chemical treatment and will direct staff to manually remove weeds.

The above approach is ensuring a reduction in the use of pesticides though as we do not have a viable alternative at present continue to use a glyphosate-based herbicide. This type of herbicide is known as a non-residual translocated herbicide. Glyphosate is used because it is the safest and most effective herbicide that is available and certified for use in amenity situations. It is neutralised in contact with soil and has very low toxicity to humans, animals, and insects, and is widely used by many local authorities across the country.

Weed treatment spraying commences in Spring (April/May) when weeds have started to grow as the herbicide is only effective when sprayed on a plant because residual weed treatment chemicals aren’t used which ‘poison’ the soil. A second spray then takes place in Summer (July/August) on remaining weeds/new growth to prolong the effectiveness of treatment.

Residents can help maintain weed free streets and reduce the use of chemicals by clearing weeds that may have grown in front of their property or haven’t been treated due to parked cars preventing access manually.

The parks and open spaces team have reduced the use of chemicals to control weeds and are phasing out the use around tree bases and park furniture.

The Blackpool Green and Blue Infrastructure Policy has also encouraged the increase of areas left in a more natural state so areas are not being mown or treated to encourage greater bio-diversity.

We hope this information is useful and for regular updates on street cleansing operations please follow our social media accounts, Facebook and Twitter – @envecoblackpool, where we will post information on planned treatment dates.

If residents would like further information on herbicide chemicals used (glyphosate) please visit the Health and Safety Executive page for more information on this link.