Elaine Smith MBE and Betty Bradford hand over the Blackpool in Bloom Baton to Enveco!

Enveco NW, Blackpool’s environmental service provider for Blackpool Council, co-hosted the Blackpool in Bloom 2023 competition for the very first time!

With exceptional guidance and support from Elaine Smith MBE and Betty Bradford, as they prepared to hand over the baton.

Blackpool in Bloom allows Blackpool residents and businesses to compete in showcasing their beautiful outside spaces. It builds civic pride whilst making the appearance of the town appealing to residents and visitors alike.

It all started over 20 years ago by Cllr Kath Rowson and has since evolved into 11 categories of judging, capturing a wide range of community, businesses and home life in the town. The aim is to encourage more businesses and community groups to get involved and reveal their beautiful surroundings.

Elaine Smith MBE and Betty Bradford are incredible volunteers within the community. Elaine has been involved in Blackpool In Bloom for many years, which started when she competed in the competition in the mid-1990s and took over hosting in 2001. Betty Bradford and her late husband Danny Bradford first competed in 2007 before becoming judges in 2010.

Since they took over management, we have seen the creation of the award ceremony, the formation of friendships, and the addition of new categories to encourage more individuals and businesses to participate.

Elaine Smith MBE said

”I am delighted to be passing this competition onto Enveco, as they are an environmental company for Blackpool Council it feels like the right thing to do. Betty and I have been with the hosts from start to finish so I know we were able to hand this over the best way. The overall competition was a huge success and I look forward to having more time to enjoy it next year.”

This year, 37 open spaces were judged over the course of two days, through rain and shine. Elaine Smith and Diane Farley (Enveco’s Neighbourhood Officer) managed the route whilst four judges, Betty Bradford, Terry Mason, Tim Reilly, and Allan Wignall, judged the competition, as they have for many years sharing a wealth of knowledge. Jessica Christian (Enveco’s Marketing and Communications Officer) had the pleasure of capturing these beautiful spaces, and Andy Parr from the Blackpool Council transport team kindly drove the bus for the two days.

Each judge scored from 50 points – 10 for design, 10 for colour, 10 for impact, 10 for maintenance and 10 for overall impression – this is how they came to the winning decisions.

After two days of judging the numbers were in and the winners were chosen.



  • Runner-up – Wayne and Peter Edwards from the Lawrence House Hotel
  • Winner – Carole Cregan from the Clifton House Hotel


  • Winner – Stuart Reynolds, of back General Street


  • Winner – Chris Bracegirdle, of the Boars Head


  • Runner-up – Charlotte Bremner and the team at William Lyon’s House
  • Winner – Chris Varney

When visiting the Forget Me Not Dementia Café at the Marton United Reformed Church, the judges realised that this open space was something different to the other categories. The judges were so impressed by the safe garden space and the work being done that they decided to create the Memory Garden Award.

This open space means so much to the over 30 people from the group who have been tending to the Sensory Garden every week, come rain or shine and always with a smile.


  • Winner – Jenny Fitzsimmons from the Forget Me Not Dementia Café at the Marton United Reformed Church

After this unusually hot summer and now the wet weather, conservation is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Travelling through the judges realised that the categories did not do justice to some of the gardens, therefore they opted for a more appropriate category and introduced a private conservation category, with the following results.


  • Runner-up – Ellen Chambers
  • Winner – Neil Williams


  • Highly commended – Angela and the team at Belle Vue, Strawberry Gardens
  • Runner-up – Holy Family Church
  • Winner – Joseph Mori and the team at the Revoe Community Garden


  • Winner – Paul Preston and his team at the Household Waste Recycling Centre for the tree-lined pathway


  • Highly acclaimed – Chris Varney
  • Runner-up – Ian Brown
  • Winner – Arthur Parry


  • Outstanding effort – Mark and Julia Arnold, Paul Scandrett and James Grisedale
  • Highly commended – Michael Smith
  • Runner-up – Arthur Parry
  • Winner – Howard Crump


  • Highly commended – Michael Emsley
  • Highly commended – Ian Brown
  • Runner-up – Stephen Connolly
  • Winner – Garry Tunnicliffe


  • Highly commended – Jeannette Grierson
  • Runner-up – Brian Gore
  • Winner – Vivian Wallace-Dand


  • Outstanding effort – Abbeyfield House, Norbreck Road and Regent Court Apartments
  • Highly commended – Layton Community House and Claremont Community Garden
  • Runner-up – Abbeyfield House, Harrow Side
  • Winner – Stanley Park Rose Garden


  • Winner – Watson Road Secret Park


  • Winner – Robert Robson

To view all the beautiful open spaces, please click this link.

An award ceremony “fit for a king”

The award ceremony took place at the Winter Gardens, over 100 people attended, and each entrant received a certificate from Blackpool’s Worshipful Mayor, Cllr Gillian Campbell, and Mayoress, Sky Campbell. The winners and runners-up received newly designed trophies. Diane Farley of Enveco did a wonderful job hosting the event, with help from the Enveco crew, Elaine Smith and Betty Bradford.

John Blackledge, Director of Community and Environmental Services at Blackpool Council, John Paul Lovie, Head of Waste Management at Blackpool Council, and John Hawkin, Managing Director at Enveco all attended the event and spoke with the competition entrants.

The event was a huge success with Enveco being supported by Blackpool Council and the Winter Gardens which of course helped make it as special as it was.

Managing Director, John Hawkin said

“Blackpool in Bloom is a fantastic initiative to encourage individuals, groups and businesses to show off their inspirational gardening projects and add to the quality green spaces in the Town.”

Join Blackpool in Bloom 2024, email your interest to marketing@enveconw.co.uk and nearer the time you will be sent an application form.

Let’s make sure we have a blooming 2024 in Blackpool!

To view the images of the Award Ceremony, please click this link.

Enveco celebrates Love Parks Week

Love Parks Week returns from 28 July to 6 August 2023

Enveco NW Environmental Services is proud to shout out about the wonderful 96 parks, green and open spaces within Blackpool, which their Grounds maintenance team maintain on behalf of Blackpool Council.

These spaces range from pocket parks to the regionally significant grade II listed Stanley Park – Along with sports pitches, playgrounds, ecological sites, all-weather play services, and highway verges.

Enveco’s Grounds Maintenance, Parks & Green Open Space Manager, said

“We have a small, yet committed team of skilled grounds maintenance operatives and gardeners who take pride in the maintenance of the Parks & Green Open Spaces across the Borough. Our team is supported in a shared goal of maintaining the Parks & Green Open spaces such as the award-winning Grade II Listed Stanley Park – alongside our Council partners and highly valued and committed Friends Groups and volunteers”.

It’s true that Blackpool has some beautiful parks and green open spaces, which Enveco takes pride in taking care of for Blackpool residents and visitors to enjoy.

According to mind.org spending time in nature has many physical and mental benefits such as:

  • improves your mood
  • reduces feelings of stress or anger
  • helps you take time out and feel more relaxed
  • improves your physical health
  • improves your confidence and self-esteem
  • helps you be more active
  • helps you meet and get to know new people
  • connects you to your local community
  • reduces loneliness
  • helps you feel more connected to nature

Our parks offer so much to us, and not only is being in nature proven to be good for you, but it’s a great space for children, and our pets to explore, have buckets of fun, grow, and bond. So, Love Parks Week is important to Enveco and they encourage everyone to celebrate and support the efforts of volunteers and workers up and down the country to maintain and protect our green spaces.

Explore a local park today, use this link to discover Blackpool’s Parks, green and open spaces.


Why not get involved?

The friends of Stanley Park, Rangers, Active Blackpool and Enveco NW Environmental Services have come together to create some wonderful Love Parks Week activities this year, don’t miss out, there will be fun for all ages. Activities will be free to attend, however all children must be accompanied by an adult.

Monday 31st July 
  • Multi Sports with Active Blackpool
  • Mini Beast Hunt and Pond Dipping with Blackpool Park Rangers
Tuesday 1st August 
  • Pirate Adventure Wide Game with Blackpool Park Rangers and Friends of Stanley Park
  • Tower building workshop with Showtown
Wednesday 2nd August 
  • Multi Sports with Active Blackpool
  • Cycling and Eco event with Active Blackpool, Enveco, Blackpool Police and Blackpool Park Rangers
Thursday 3rd August 
  • Pirate Adventure Wide Game with Blackpool Park Rangers and Friends of Stanley Park
  • Bike coding with Blackpool Police
Friday 4th August 
  • Circus workshop with Blackpool Circus
  • Cricket at Blackpool Cricket Club
Find out more now using this link.

Enveco Co-Host Blackpool In Bloom 2023

YOU can help make Blackpool Beautiful!

Enveco Environmental Services are proud to partner with Elaine Smith and Betty Bedford to co-host this year’s Blackpool In Bloom competition.  

Elaine has been involved in Blackpool In Bloom for many years and took over hosting in 2008. She is now passing the baton over to Enveco.  

Elaine Smith says “I am delighted that Blackpool In Bloom is going to continue in the capable hands of Diane Farley at Enveco Environmental Services. I am sure there will be many years of successes to come”.  

It all started over 20 years ago by Cllr Kath Rowson and has since evolved into 11 categories of judging, capturing a wide range of community, school, businesses and home life in the town. The aim is to encourage more businesses and community groups to get involved and show off their beautiful surroundings. 

spring pruning roses in the garden gardeners hands

Spring pruning roses in the garden gardeners hands

Blackpool In Bloom is an incredible opportunity to bring colour, vibrancy and beauty to our streets of Blackpool after a very cold winter! And it promises to grow a sense of beauty in our local area. The good news is, YOU can help make this happen and have fun along the way.  


Cllr Cross says “Blackpool in Bloom is a fantastic event that we are proud to support. It gives residents and businesses an opportunity to create beautiful gardens, streets and even alleyways if they so choose. We should all have pride in where we live, and this is the perfect way to have some friendly competition as well as tidying up our streets and making Blackpool bloom”. 

Judging will take place over several days, week commencing 3rd July. This year’s theme is Fit for a King, in celebration of King Charles III Coronation. Judging will be conducted by a team of volunteers who will be looking for the “Royalist of Displays”. Arrangements guaranteed to catch the judge’s eye could include, water conservation, variety of plants, colour, and the use of recycled items such as pots.  

The 11 categories include, small and large private gardens, hanging baskets, community gardens, streets in bloom, plus categories for hotels, holiday flats, licensed premises, schools and commercial premises.  

Entry deadline has now ended!

Closer to the time Enveco will release information of the award event. So, keep an eye out for more information!