Enveco Named Finalist for the LBEA2023 Circular Economy Award!

The Lancashire Business Environment Awards 2023 is delivered by Chamber Low Carbon, in partnership with East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce, BOOST, North & Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce, and Business Wise Solutions.

These awards are designed to recognise and reward those Businesses that are working towards a greener, sustainable, and prosperous future.

Enveco has been recognised for their continued efforts at their Household Waste Recycling Centre which has a positive impact on the Circular Economy. They have managed the HWRC on Bristol Avenue for the past two years. Since the takeover, several overall achievements have been established and they aim for many more in the future.

They believe that fit-for-purpose items should be diverted away from waste streams and used in communities to help as many people as possible. Therefore, they have developed the following initiatives which they are extremely proud of:

The return of fit for purpose medical equipment to communities: 

Medical equipment sent to the HWRC is checked by the team, placed in a designated storage container, and picked up weekly by contractors. The contractor examines the equipment, and anything fit for purpose is checked/refurbished and returned back into the community through partners. Unfit items are properly disposed of, and metals/plastics are separated and placed in the correct waste streams. In the period between January 2022 to January 2023, they returned 483 medical aids back into the community.

Inexpensive paint for sale:

All paint/stain which has been sent for disposal to the HWRC, is checked and any tins half full or more are sold through The Re-Use shop for only £1 per tin. The ability to obtain this paint, does not only benefit the circular economy but with this price, it benefits the community as well.

Vouchers for The Re-Use Shop:

The HWRC has created a gift voucher scheme which was developed for items from The Re-Use Shop for the purpose of purchase and to be given as prizes at local community events.

Recycling of UPVC windows:

UPVC window frames have previously been treated as general waste and disposed of as such, which increased landfill.

Market research was carried out, and local off-takers were contacted. They confirmed they would accept the UPVC window frames. Which results in a reduction of the waste sent to landfill and generates an income at the same time.

Managing these UPVC window frames in this manner contributes to recycling statistics which reduces landfill quantities, and makes big savings.

Three Enveco Staff at the Lancashire Business Environmental Award Ceremony.

Enveco’s Environmental Enforcement/Operations Compliance Manager, Performance and Quality Manager and Marketing and Communications Officer all attended the award ceremony. Which was held at the Crow Wood Hotel in Burnley. It is wonderful to see Enveco’s efforts recognised in the field, and they appreciate Lancashire Business Environmental awards for the honor.