Stand with Eva! A junior Blackpool resident tackling dog fouling in her neighbourhood.

Eva Mawdsley, a resident of Blackpool, is determined to put an end to dog fouling in her area. The nine-year-old has grown tired of the inconvenience of stepping in dog mess while walking to school. Taking action, she reached out to her local Councillor, Paul Galley, with a proposal to install a bin between East Pines Drive and Sevenoaks Drive. Eva included a map indicating the ideal location for the bin in her correspondence, which prompted Councillor Galley to act swiftly and enlist Enveco’s help in inspecting the area.

Eva and her family, accompanied by a few of Enveco’s team members, Councillor Galley, and Councillor Cooper surveyed the neighbourhood. They quickly discovered if a bin was placed where suggested, it could result in obstructions to the pedestrians. Enveco’s officers and Eva devised a plan and marked the location with a Bag It, Bin It stencil. If the number of dog fouling incidents doesn’t decrease as a result of this, Enveco will re-evaluate the situation to see what other options there are.

It’s inspiring to witness a young member of the community demonstrate concern for the environment and take steps to resolve issues. We extend our gratitude to Eva and encourage her to remain in touch with us in the future.