Keeping Blackpool Tidy with Travel Village Group and the Royal Caribbean!

Travel Village Group, in collaboration with Royal Caribbean International, took on the sand with on of Enveco’s most recent litter-picking event to Keep Blackpool Tidy!

Enveco’s engagement team, welcomed a group of 30 volunteers to take on the sand to pick up litter on the beach and promenade on Blackpool’s seafront. They had the sun on their side and a team full of joy and enthusiasm for the day ahead.

The Travel Village Group, in collaboration with Royal Caribbean International, came with a mission – their aim was to load two suitcases with litter, which equated to roughly 50kg. This was a harder goal than originally thought – as Enveco’s Street Cleansing team ensures our beaches are as clean as possible. They start cleaning first thing in the morning and then the beach and foot-walks are monitored throughout the day. But with so many visitors the help from these litter-picking events is very important.

But what did they think about the day?

Phil Nuttall, Travel Village Group CEO said: “It’s important for us all to be looking at what we can do to help our planet. We’ve all got to start thinking more responsibly about sustainability, regardless of whether we think we’re having a small or huge impact. The important thing is to do your bit. Whether that’s cycling to work instead of driving, helping local projects like beach cleans, supporting businesses that re-purpose marine waste, or investing in new technologies that reduce pollution and energy consumption. It’s all about ensuring that we leave something better for the next generations.”

These beach litter-picking events are such a vital part to Keep Blackpool Tidy, they boost team bonding as well as showcase the positive impact of teamwork. In turn, they have a big impact on the cleanliness of Blackpool Beach whilst raising awareness of the importance of reducing waste and taking action to look after our environment.

Diane Farley, Neighbourhood Officer at Enveco said “A massive thank you to the team at Travel Village and Royal Caribbean for their time, joy, and effort. A job well done”.

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