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As the campaign grows, this page will showcase all of the community and individual work being done for the Keep Blackpool Tidy pledge and general litter picking activities.

So keep your eyes pealed!

Enveco host litter picking events with Lancashire Women, image of 4 women on Blackpool Beach litter picking.

Working with Residents and Local Businesses

We value our work with communities and businesses alike, and these partnerships help us work together to sort it!

Some key highlights are: 

  • During the first year of engagement in 2022, a total of 92 regular volunteers were recorded. Now we have 157 volunteers reporting from regular groups – from parks, community groups, to individuals and the total number of hours volunteers to date is 3,798.
  • We arranged litter-picking events for 8 companies during 2022.
  • We have been approached by 18 companies to arrange litter picks this year.
  • We manage business litter pick events of 3 to over 50 staff members.
  • Recently the Department of Work and Pensions took part with over 40 staff and collected over 95kg of litter.
  • Our activities allow working outdoors, and we offer a variety of locations – Grade II Heritage Stanley Park, Beach and Promenades, Sand Dunes, and Mossom Community Woodland. Feedback from attendees is always positive, they have enjoyed the activity, raised awareness of the amount of litter, and visited locations in Blackpool that they were not aware of.


Work Being Done to Keep Blackpool Tidy!

We have a dedicated Street Cleansing Service which operates 365 days a year, from 6am to 6pm emptying over 1000 street litter bins, removing around 5,000 fly tips, and cleaning 6 miles of beach and the seafront. The team also takes on other duties such as weed spraying, graffiti removal, removal of fly-posting, recovery of dead animals, clean-ups after road traffic collisions, and highway gritting functions during the winter period.

The street cleansing team has revived operations over the past couple of years, which has resulted in:

  • The implementation of the NEAT (Neighborhood Environmental Action Team) across the borough.
  • Painting over graffiti tagging on utility boxes and other equipment owned by statutory undertakers, rather than reporting to different providers.
  • Applying ‘Bag It, Bin It‘ pavement stencilling to the most impacted areas and/or responding to a complaint and/or reactive request.
  • Weed treatment has been prioritised by monthly inspections and locally by each NEAT team, which allows for optimum treatment (weather permitting). In 2023, which is the first time since 2019 (due to the lack of skilled operatives), has seen 2 full treatments and a third as required.
  • Mechanical sweeping returning to residential streets on both carriageways and pavements where accessible.
  • Successful application of the Chewing Gum Task Force for a £25k grant for equipment and consumables, allowing existing resources an opportunity to remove and educate on responsible disposal of chewing gum.
  • The seafront and promenade have a regular frequency of monitoring/cleaning as required, washing down litter bins, and replacing poster kits with branded messages following the initial early morning clean-up operation. The use of the trike operative can reach the borough boundary perimeter, various levels, and slopes to the beach, morning and afternoon. They act as ambassadors and are more accessible for members of the public to engage, which was not the case with an operative in a vehicle.

Learn more about this service now by clicking here.


Our NEAT (Neighborhood Environmental Action Team) officers delivering front-line operations are trained and permitted to investigate, challenge, and enforce on-the-spot fixed penalty notices for a wide range of environmental offenses such as:


  • If someone is seen dropping litter and walking away they will be issued a fixed penalty notice of £150. This includes all types of waste including cigarettes, vapes, and chewing gum.

Dog fouling:

  • If a dog owner lets their dogs foul and does not pick it up or doesn’t have the means to do so then Blackpool Council’s dog wardens and our staff can issue an on-the-spot fixed penalty of £100.


  • Following investigation, NEAT officers can issue means-tested fines starting from £400.

Graffiti and Fly posting:

  • If someone is seen producing graffiti or fly posting they will be issued a fixed penalty notice of £150.

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